listening to elliot smith right now. album is called "either/or". really cool. cleaning house today, i found a photo matclowney gave me a long time ago, and soulty's photos of her "august..." paintings. really cool too. less than two weeks before matt comes home. really really really really cooooooooooooooooool. like...well, you know... me, ben,and dan wrote and recorded about nine songs last week. not all are finished. some are just pieces. also cool. me and dan went to the viper room tonight and saw the stereophonics play. they were great. we played with them on the jools holland show in london last spring/summer before their album came out. i could listen to "more life in a tramp's vest" or " local boy in a photograph" over and over again. and i do. nice guys too. met a nice girl last week. fixed up by a mutual friend. liked her. had a date. liked that too. line as many small good things as you can in as long a row as you can make it and maybe eventually circumstance becomes habit and one day is suddenly and miraculously a little better than the day before it. maybe.