not to lecture, cause it's really not my style. and not because i'm in the band either, because it's not really our folder as much as it is yours. it's really just because i've been on this folder longer than almost anyone else still hanging out here that i say i really wish you would all stop fucking arguing. i know a lot of people on this folder qand i like almost all of them but i hate the fighting. and don't start fighting over my statement that you should stop fighting. as long as you respond to each other's shit, there will always be another argument to be had and it will always be annoying to be on this folder. and i love this folder so i don't want that. and i don't want people i like to feel they need to go to another folder. the best solution is to just ignore all the jerkoff posts. there must be better things to discuss than who is a jerk. ignore them. if no one responds, there is no argument. we could all just hang out here. that's all i have to say. we rock. i met a cool girl tonight. have a big crush on her. yay for me.