thank you all very much. your posts are all so great(except the guy who whined about the unlistenable guitars-go get a life-rock and roll=guitars. period) the rest of you are so great. i was a little surprised about rolling stone too. that's a bit harsh and a bit personal. i don't really like reading that. had two weeks off. bedridden the entire time except for about three days. 1st -inner ear virus caused loss of equilibrium, general dizziness and head rushes(very unpleasant), 2nd-strep throat brought upon by weak system fighting ear virus(very very Unpleasant) 3rd-threw out back(ouch!!!very very very unpleasant) 4th-got food poisoning from sushi at modern rock live broadcast(very much like reading rolling stone review) more recording tomorrow

going to new york in 1 week to do interview and shoot cover photo with natalie imbruglia for musician magazine-neat!

live in new york-it's me!