we finished mastering "baby, i'm a big star now" this morning and sent it off to the film's director this afternoon. his name is john dahl. he also directed "red rocks west" and "the last seduction". we only gave them the right to use the song in the film and in the trailers. this is not for any soundtrack. it was written for the film and it will only be heard on the film unless we put it on our next album(a distinct possibility) bitchin new song called "speedway"

bitchin new album title:hideous chicks(why i don't like 'em and why matt hates 'em too and more importantly why neither of us can figure out what the hell you people have been talking about for the last few weeks)

why waste posts on this shit. i don't care what these people say about me. why should you. the folder is so much better when you ignore them. it's also much less fun for them. they're not bugging me. i get done working at the studio. i say goodnight to ben or matt or dennis or whoever is left. i drive home(maybe pausing somewhere along the way to converse with or seduce some uber babe[dig the slyly inserted german reference to showcase my multilingual male energy]. before falling asleep, i log on and check my mail or the folder. i note the interesting posts. i see that some worms are obsessed with my dating/drinking/chauvinizing/vulgarizing/metatisizing[i don't really know what that means] ways. i roll over and go to sleep. the next day i go back to all the "" i want to. and my mom still thinks i'm great. so if my mom thinks i'm great, i feel ok about it too. and so should you

meanwhile, this is still a great folder. just ignore them. have fun . this next album is gonna be real cool. but it will probably take awhile.

sleep well


ps cool like lemonade is whatcha wanna be

out with the jive

in with the love

out with the jive...