i really like bill clinton. he's the first president since jimmy carter who has not used the presidency to commit what i consider to be absolutely evil acts. lust and sex are not moral issues that bother me in a president. i don't care that he lied about them because not one fibre of my being believes them to be any of our business and i think the real crime is spending forty million dollars on a court case so that we can all be peeping toms in the life of a president. i do care when you lie about things that are our business. it bothered me when our government was caught red handed selling drugs in america to finance illegal wars in nicaragua and el salvedor and everyone from ronald reagan to george bush to oliver north went on national tv and either flat out lied about it or claimed to simply "not recall" the incidents in question. extra-marital affairs do not have to be approved by congress or the american people, but wars do. and going around replacing inner city drug programs with billboards that say "just say no" while you are actually selling these very same drugs to pay for an illegal war is hypocrisy in an almost satanic level. that pisses me off. meanwhile unemployment is down, the economy is up, and the multi billion dollar deficit clinton inherited from his predecessors is gone. he didn't get the health care program installed, but he sure tried hard, and on a moral question, that counts for some thing to me. on the other hand , he did get a blowjob and not tell us about it. forty million dollars were spent so that we could find that out. can you imagine what that money could have done for a free clinic, or a school, or a women's shelter , or a library, or just the salary of a policeman or a fireman. or a grant to a sculptor or a painter or a choreographer. or a researcher in an aids lab. or anything. god, there are so many iin such desperate need. what a waste. if i get a blowjob, i'm not telling anybody either because it's nobody's business. decent people do the wrong things sometimes, and they are still better place to live in and a place to be proud of.. i expect him not to commit any crimes against humanity. i expect him to try to accomplish the little things that don't necessarily fit easily in a campaign slogan, and i expect him not to violate the constituion. the only thing that ever made america really special was the constitution. once you throw that away, it's not so impressive here. he's been the first president in a while who honored that.

in other news, we heard a bunch of tracks from this band willis that dennis herring produced right before us, and they are incredible. it won't be out for a few months, but i can't wait.

sleep well.


ps. john kennedy screwed enough women in the oval office to have started his own country and he was married to jackie o.