please do not start calling dj's about my house and then posting on the board. i have already spoken to my housesitting friends about having dj's over in my bedroom who then go on the air the following day to blab about it. that's my home. it's private. no fair.

in other news, it is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful here in the mountains of idaho where i am currently ensconced. snow everywhere and lots of nice people.

personal fave record this week:the 4-cd set "Nuggets:Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968". this set is so awesome you will freak out and fall over. all the original garage band one hit wonders in one incredibly well put-together box. i got it for all the guys in the band as a present(well, actually, i still have to give matt and ben their copies, but i bought them). buy this set and behold.

p.s. i hear it's about $20 cheaper on

personal fave occurence so far in 1998: the ever inspiring University of California Golden Bears whooped the North Carolina Tar Heels tonight by the score of 78-71. roll on you bears. tonight i sleep the sleep of angels for all is well with the world.

or at least that one thing is really cool.

sleep well