have spent the last two weeks in and out of sickbed. started to get better over weekend, then relapsed tuesday into more serious flu. aaaaaaaaaarrrgggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!

i am so sick of being sick!

and now to the news..."colorblind" will be in the film "cruel intentions" and on the soundtrack as well. saw the film and liked it. very nasty. we thought about it and decided it wouldn't hurt anything to let it be included on the soundtrack this time. it won't, in all likelihood, be a single or a video however. we did not give them permission for that. you will be able to get the song on the album in february or march, i don't know when they are releasing the album. sounds like a pretty coolm soundtrack(blur, the verve, us). it will also be included on our album later this summer, if you don't feel like getting the soundtrack.

in other news, the gigolo aunts are releasing their brand new lp m"minor chords and major themes" on my label on feb. 9th. they've been living with me this month while they play gigs up and down the west coast. you should check them out if you get a chance. they are simply awesome. remaining gigs are sat. jan. 30th at the martini lounge in l.a., wed. feb 3rd at slims in s.f. before winding up with their recdord release party/gig at the viper room in hollywood on sat feb 6th. hope you can come and hope you get the record on the 9th. hope i feel better soon.