by the way, i know i'm gonna catch more shit than sympathy for the playboy party.

still dig you all. fling what you will. you're cool as lemonade


glad you enjoyed my new mastery of the cut 'n' paste.

the colorblind track in the movie is the same one that will be on the album. i'm trying to make this extra clear so that nobody gets tricked into buying them both if they don't want to. not trying to discourage buying the soundtrack for the early listen, but i don't want anyone mistaking this for a unique track. it will be on the new cc album.

hope y'all have a nice weekend. i am personally planningon extreme bitterness. going to playboy mansion tonight because i am a huge loser and have no one to spend val day with. hoping to meet girl of dreams tonight and enter into long term meaningful relationship, perhaps marriage, maybe even children. life as rock star is distressingly reminiscent of life as high school sophomore. at least on valentine's day.

still, my best wishes to you all. good luck surviving all the happy loving shitheads