i didn't mean to cause all these arguments honestly. if you really want my opinion, i think you should all spend less time arguing about things like this. it's not really a matter of whether or not i'm going to freak out over all the welcomes. i don't really think you should worry about it. it's your newsgroup, after all. we put it here for you. you should write whatever you want(including telling me to shut up, i guess, if i seem to be lecturing [though i'd rather you didn't, sensitive guy that i am]). for the record, you all seem like nice people, and i sort of expected a bit of an uproar. it is a cc website after all. it should kind of cool if i post. i mean, if it wasn't, it would be,well, wildly calm of all of you. so, in any case, what i'm trying to say is i'm ok if you're ok. ok? ok.

next. as to whether or not i am actually me. assuming we are putting all existential connotations aside, i am, as far as i know, me. always have been for as long as i can remember. before that, ask my mom. she's very nice. all joking aside, i have no idea how to convince you, nor do i wish to spend a lot of time trying. this is like the situation i experience a lot when people see me and ask if i am me. i say yes. they say no way, really? isay yes. they say no way, really? i say yes. the say no way really? i say no. they say yes you are. i say yes i am. they say no way, really? you can see how it gets boring after a while. as for carole's assertion that it would be unimaginable for Mick Jagger to post on a newsgroup, i would remind her that i am quite a bit newer to this than Mick is and it is all a bit fresher for me and,honestly, i've never had a newsgoup or a fanclub or anything even slightly resembling this before the last few years and i still think it's pretty cool. so, if you can believe that it's me ...great, you'll have more fun with my being here; if not, you'll eventually realize you're wrong and then you'll feel like an idiot. actually, that reads a little harsher than i meant it to. sorry. it just gets irritating being told i'm not me. you all get to write in. why can't i?

i wanted to respond to some other posts as well. someone mentioned the houston show the other night. i thought that was one of our best in recent memory. i'm glad you liked it. we've been in kansas the last few days. last night charlie and i went up to lawrence on our night off to visit some friends of mine at kansas university. we went bar hopping in a college town. it was just like old times. i miss the times when we could easily do that. nice people in lawrence, and it's a really pretty little town. i love college towns. they remind me of berkeley. give me gigs in madison and columbia and amherst and burlington and athens and fayetteville and oxford(england or mississippi) and charlottesville and raleigh and durham and chapel hill and winston-salem and boulder et al. so cool.

as for another record, we hope to start rehearsing early in 98 and record in the spring or summer, butno promises. you can't make albums without songs. i'm in no hurry to make anything mediocre. they come when they come. still, i understand your impatience. we all do. we have high hopes. i don't see us taking the same lengthy hiatus this time. we're all sick of hotels, but we're still loving the gigs and no one is really burnt out like we were at the end of the "august..." tours. optimism reigns in cc land.

i'm tired. it's late.. if you really can't bring yourself to believe it's me, go over to the cc folder at keyword:mmc on aol. many of the folderites there know me personally from years of postings and years of hanging out at concerts before it was impossible to believe that we could be normal enough guys to own computers and geeky enough to sit up all night typing posts on them. if you can't believe me, maybe you can believe them. they'll tell you we are all easily geeky enough. this is my very last defense of my existence.. ther have to be more interesting things for us to talk about.

i'm glad there are so many of you. it's nice to be liked. you're all cool as lemonade. stop fighting(at least over me). you all have something in common. that's neat. i just said "neat" shoot me. goodnight.