we're back . guess that's a good thing. expected to not write for months, but surprising last week of tour had me, dan, and matt siiting down together and coming up with about six beginnings of pieces. dan, ben, and i are all in la and all excited about 4-tracking after new years. so maybe all will proceed quicker this time. storytellers is still up in the air, but looking up. if you want to, you can e- mail geffen(i don't know where) maybe that will help. either way, i am optimistic. europe was hard, but rewarding . we played with abandon. tired of hotels. glad to be home. life gets ruined on the road. "...but what would you change if you could?" ....nothing, probably. too bad. oh well, "...maybe this year will be..." you know the rest keep warm, even though y"all are cool as lemonade