hey y'all, what's up? we get our rehearsal/recording house today. studio set-up starts next week, charlie arrives then too, as does dave, matt comes home the week after that, and we're off. cool, huh? the album will probably not be out until next year, but there will be a two cd live record out in june or july. it's really cool. we love it. we probably shouldn't put out a live album, but we love it and we want to, so that's that.(goood to be the king and all that) it's just two shows, one on each cd. one is the acoustic storytellers show and the other is the electric hammerstein ballroom show. because they were both on tv we had really good recordings and the shows were two of our favorites(maybe because of the pressure, we got really gone) so there you are bye, me

oh yeah. have almost finished the remy zero record and the gigolo aunts record. both are awesome. two of the years best. will both be out end of summer or fall