and here's what matt said about it:

<<<<< left a message on the phone of our management about the delays on the paraphanalia (sp?) - I think it's Geffen's fault, like it might be their web page or something. BUT BOY NOW THAT REALLY PISSES ME OFF! I AM THE MIGHTY GIMLATRON, SENT TO THIS SECTOR TO HELP THOSE IN NEED! >>>>>

not geffen's fault. more my fault. didn't realize they were waiting for me to write my letter and sign the autographs. well, it's not all my fault, but it is at least partially me, and definitely not geffen's. theb other guys had all signed . i just didn't realize the pictures were for the fan club. i thought they were just promo things for the label. my bad. still, they're all done now as far as i know. they should be out soon. sorry. it's our 1st fanclub. we'll iron it out. we'll all hopefully be around for a long time together. still not a particularly good day today, but it is making for a pretty good song.. merrily lining those clouds for all i'm worth,