sorry about the multipost. but i meant to mention that d. lowery gave me a pre release of the new. cracker record last week. it is great. normally i would launch into hyperbole here and go on and on, but i realize i always do that and maybe that becomes meaningless after awhile. all i will say is that you should just go get it the day it comes out. that band is on a different level. they write songs i... well i just hope our record is as good. also got a copy of the new grant lee buffalo awhile back and finally listened to it and i love that too. it's called "jubilee". if you've never listened to glb, go get "mighty joe moon" immediately. then get "jubilee" if it's out already or whenever it comes out. ad ps the cracker record is titled "gentleman's blues" and it comes out near the last week in august. i know that because that's when we lose senor lowery.