each of the last two shows have been over two hours long and have featured eight of the ten new songs. what is kid things?; never heard of it . it does not exist. how could it exist? go to sleep you cheaters. it's past all your bedtimes. without country there could never even have been rock and roll. there is certainly no counting crows without the influence of country music. the sex pistols were originally a country band. so was earth, wind and fire. so was nirvana. so were the beatles. so were the jackson 5ive. so were you. garth brooks wishes he was ever truly. go see body shots. my best friend produced it . she is like a little sister to me. if you all go to the movie she will be a big successful producer and everyone will like her. right now i'm the only one who likes her. you can like her too. she's very nice and this is her 1st movie ever. it's hard to be a girl movie producer. the guys are sexist pigs and they are not nice to girls trying to get into the club. the song over the closing credits is by joe 90. GO TO SLEEP!!!!!!!


the woodstock people are lying. we were contractually allowed to pick our song. we picked round here. they balked at the nine minute length. we talked them to suck our butts and they left it off the record. to be honest, i was relieved. i am ashamed to have been involved in any way with woodstock. people were raped there and they have taken practically no responsibility. the vibe sucked, the army base sucked, it all sucked. well, not everything. we were great. (so conceited i am) p-funk was also very much the bomb.


ps.hope you can all get used to the twang. we've started working on cuts for the new album and it's all obscure country cover tunes. sorry. can't help it. we dig 'em.

pps.arrived in atlanta yesterday. saw fight club tonight. gigs in europe were staggering for us. we have never played like this before. it's becoming like sex and religion and dreaming again. tuesday we begin