don't really understand. band generally feels potter's is the best song i've ever written. told them about the folder's fiation on this being a country album. much laughter at that. everyone thinks this album has the least country feel of any crows album. nobody gets it.

as for the future, we have talked a lot (between myself , dan, charlie , immy and ben mostly) and there has been a lot of dissatisfaction lately with our direction. for a lot of us, our roots are in country music and we feel we've been suppressing that for years now. we've been jamming a lot in that vein lately and talking more and more about getting back to that on a more permanent basis in the future. this is causing some rifts in the band as matt and dave aren't really all that into this. actually, they're not into it at all. at least for now, the friction is resulting in some awesome gigs but i wouldn't be surprised if the future held some changes for our lineup in the next few years. you gotta play the music you feel like playing whether other people want to play it or listen to it or not. it wouldn't be all that big a surprise to me to tell you the truth. i've had a feeling for a long time that dave would rather be producing records and matt says he wants to go live in india and teach music. either way, it's great for now.

see y'all on tour


just one more note. what if danielle dated lance because he was a great guy ? what if she liked him because he was basically a really nice likeable person and not at all because he was some pop star? wouldn't that be a pretty good reason to go out with him? if that was true, who would be the screwed up one? danielle fischel or you for judging someone you don't know based on your opinion of their music? your mistake isn't in fantasisizing about people you don't know, it's in condemning people you don't know. my friends don't love me because of my music and i hope i never date or fall in love with someone who does. i've never had a huge problem with people not liking my music(maybe a little bit here and there), but people hating me personally and abusing me personally because they didn't like my fucking music nearly ruined my life at one point.

wise up . nice people (and why would you like counting crows if you weren't nice , caring, thoughtful people) do not say shit like that. should i look down on people who have less musical talent than myself. i don't. why would i? why would you?


we will never ever ever ever re-record the demo songs. put it out of your mind. there is no santa claus either


but i am a big star. that's not my fault. i didn't do that. you all did. i just made the music... you made the fame part...and as for the vh-1 show, i'm one of the silent partners. i bought 30% of the show when they were first conceiving it five years or so ago . seemed like a good idea then. can't say i like the show much now, but i damn sure don't think they're going to be doing any stories on me in the near future. one may not be able to stay famous forever but the power one consolidates now clast just as long or longer. i have a piece of legends as well the new behind the music jr., brokered as part of the deal to get a program on cc. having our former publisher become president has been a gold mine for me. it's not as beatiful, but i's more fun and much more lucrative than music. fuck the beauty. it passes eventually, and most of you complain about it more than you appreciate it

please buy our record so that i can get more money and buy more things that will eventually aid me in gathering enough power and possessions that i might not notice the inevitable numbing. you can probably feel it already judging by your comments

bye bye