1)no country band

2)no band tension

3)nobody leaving

4)no part ownership of vh-1 nonsense

5)no disillusionment-not even a little

6)not jaded

7)not writing serious posts for the last few days-except that i DO think people were being pretty unfair to lance and danielle

on a separate note. fuck those shitheads from the dmb folder with their crap about banning the sale of bootleg recordings. i happen to love bootlegs and i think these people who work so hard at wiping out live bootlegs are small minded greedy ass clowns. if someone is going to spend $30 on a bootleg, they probably already bought 4 copies of your record. these goat fuckers are just ruining something wonderful for the rest of us. may animals shit on their feet.

have a nice night. see you in atlanta tomorrow. don't forget to get your costumes together for boston on halloween


sleep well

i'm thinking about submiting all my recent posts to the plunge. when is the next issue?