1st of all, i want to apologize for running off through the "mob" after the boston concert. you should all know it was not your fault and we were not reacting to any mob scene. i would have stayed and signed autographs until you were all satisfied but we had to go. the new york marathon was the next morning and we needed to get back to nyc before they closed the streets since the finish line was basically in front of our hotel. sorry about that and please don't think it had anything to do with you. there will probably be days when we don't feel like signing because our friends are around, but this was not one of those days

two)we do not, as matt told someone, reserve the front row for "record company types who talk and nod throughout the set" matt lives in an imaginary world which i'm sure is quite pleasant but bears little resemblance to earth and like all good leprechauns, he lives to do mischief and spread misinformation wherever he lands. he does however have a magic newt and if you can find it he will grant you three wishes. good luck. we reserve the front row at each and every show where we can to give the tickets to kids outside who can't get in to sold out shows or to likely looking fanatics from the top row of the balcony. we do this specifically for the purpose of avoiding industry or rich guy front row snoozers. we learned this lesson early and we adhere to it whenever we can.

three)the girl in the video is the lovely and talented miss amy smart. she has been my friend for years and i adore her. she is one of the coolest people i know and a legitimate walking talking ray of sunshine. she is a good friend and was kind enough to be in the video(although i think she had a pretty fun day too). she was in "varsity blues" and is occasionally on "felicity", but i really loved her in "outside providence", one of my favorite movies this year. you should all see it. and don't read more into this than there is. she's my friend and she's got a boyfriend.

four)the voice at the end of "mrs. potter's lullaby

five)i happen to think " you better get yourself together, baby" is an absolutely incredible song. i would be proud to have written it and, with great fondness, i have to disagree with zack. sorry zack, you're wack.

six)there are fifteen minutes between joe 90 and the gigolo aunts and there are thirty minutes between the aunts and us. i have to warm up and i like to see the aunts so i can't start uuntil they're done