1) i am so happy to be playing in a band with immy finally after all these years i could just shit. bryson is scared and so is vickrey. they should be. they know we don't need them any more.. now we keep them on out of pity. it's only a matter of time before the sheer shame of it causes one or both of them to quit. probably bryson first. dan has no shame and little self respect.

2)we like pretty girls. i am not about being pc . i just didn't like my friend being called a ho. do whatever you like to each other. there, now you have something to have inane arguments over for the next 2000 posts(or until tomorrow, whichever comes 1st)

3)loved " god save the immy" or " my immy tis of thee". kristin is a genius.

4)personally love the line in St robinson...and yes it is mean. so what. i meant it to be. don't worry. i almost certainly didn't mean it about any of you. i was not angry at any of you. especially not zack even though he and i don't always agree about gigolo aunts songs

5)letterman is thursday

6)seattle shows are on 12/16 and 12/17

7) more la shows are probably being added. the 1st three sold out in 1/2 hour

8)we got gold record plaques for canada today. gold in two weeks . not bad.

9)as for tonights non encore:you can't go out for an encore if you don't get an encore. we stood around backstage looking at each other embarrassedly and somebody finally said, "god it's pretty quiet out there. what do we do?" i know you're gonna say the crowd was going wild or something, but all i can tell you is that all of us felt the same thing. you can't go out for an encore when there's no encore and we didn't think we got one. we were pretty embarrased and it's the first time that's ever happened since we started headlining...ever. never before . and hopefully never ever again. but either way, we are also never going to go on stage for a total bullshit encore when the crowd is silent. i would be too embarrassed. that would be worse than this and this was bad enough.

on the other hand what the hell are you felling all self righteous and ripped off about? we're playing way longer shows than we ever have before. even without the encore we had already played 15 or 16 songs for almost two hours. we were the ones who played our asses off for two hours and didn't get an encore. i still thought it was a great show. sorry if we didn't get to make friends. we tried.

ad(archbishop of rawk, friend to badgers)

ps. i wrote down the words to kristin's song and then called immy and woke him up to sing it to him. oh how we laughed.